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stunning natural landscapes, cultural heritage, and business opportunities

Nestled amongst the Eastern Mediterranean, lies one of the warmest and beautiful islands in Europe, Cyprus. From the temperate climate to the sweeping natural beauty and landscapes, the island is certainly a desirable location to reside. In fact, the country is ranked as the fifth best place in the world to relocate. Cyprus is rife with historical significance and culture, with ancient architectures boasting vividly coloured frescos, and traditional villages found between the troughs of rolling valleys.

Cyprus is a country rife with stunning natural landscapes, cultural heritage, and business opportunities. It is an attractive place for many to visit on holidays, or reside in to live. Individuals from all nationalities have the chance to do just that by investing in new residential estate in Cyprus. Not a local but dreaming of moving and living in Cyprus? Citizenship or permanent residency through investment in real estate might be the solution for you.



Obtain your permanent residence permit, or become Cyprus citizen through investment in real estate in Cyprus

  • Permanent Residency Cyprus Indonesia
  • Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Indonesia

Cyprus Citizenship Investment Scheme

The Cyprus Investment Scheme offers the most simple and efficient means of obtaining EU citizenship, it is the only direct EU citizenship program as it has absolutely no residency requirement and citizenship is approved in just 3 months. Indonesian or other non-EU investors and their families can obtain full EU rights, including the ability to live and work in any EU country practically immediately.

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Cyprus Permanent Residency

The Cyprus PR program offers Indonesian nationals and any other non-EU nationals guaranteed permanent residency within 2 months with a single, secure, real estate investment of €300,000. It applies to the investor, their spouse dependent children up to age 25 and the parents of the applicant and spouse. What’s more, the permits are valid forever.

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